About Printwithme.xyz

Who We Are

In 2018, Ben, a former Manufacturing Partner for 3D Hubs, was looking for a program with less overhead and more flexibility. The demand for 3D printers in Boston continued to exist and thus, Printwithme.xyz was started.

After almost 2 years on the 3D Hubs platform, Ben's 3D Hub became one of Boston's best. With an average 4.98/5 rating and over 300 completed orders, Ben took this experience and translated it to Printwithme.xyz

What We Do

Printwithme.xyz offers 3D printing and 3D design consultation.

3D Design Consultation:

We have 7+ years of experienced working with multiple CAD software packages. Combined with our 3D Printing experience, we know the best do's and don'ts for 3D design for 3D printing.

3D Printing:

We operate a FDM print farm locally in the Greater Boston Area. Our priority is your project. We currently can print the following materials: PLA, PET/PETG, Nylon, and TPU. Multicolor prints coming soon.