3D Printing
The most popular option. It provides a good balance between quality, print speed, and cost. Only available in PLA.
This is the highest detail we offer, but it is the slowest and most expensive option as well. Only available in PLA.
This is our fastest, most economical option. Only available in PLA.
Note: All prices are in $ per cm³. For large volume parts, please contact us.

Our Capabilities:

Our largest and fastest 3D printer. In addition to the large build volume, we have equipped the printer with a 1.00mm nozzle (standard is 0.40mm). This allows us to print the entire build volume of the printer in just over 24hrs versus 3 days with a standard nozzle.
We have a modified Original Prusa MK2 printer. With over 3000 hours of run time, this is one of our most reliable printers.
Our newest printer, added in March 2020. This printer is reliable and prints very quickly with the modified extruder.
Our second oldest printer. It has been heavily modified for reliable and consistent printing.